I offer the following treatment methods

Physio-Gym (Gymnastics, simple, proven training and sustainability)
Classic massage (the good old and proven form of therapy)
Manual lymphatic drainage (complete concept for the treatment of lymph- phleb-lipedema, among others)
Transverse friction (Proven good form of treatment for e.B tendons and muscles)
Trigger point treatment (painful and efficient muscle action)
Fascia treatment (not pleasant, efficient)
Manual therapy (complex concept for the comprehensive treatment of orthopaedic, rheumatological disorders in the entire musculoskeletal system, high evidence)
Ergonomic advice (this makes the therapy effect more sustainable)
Strength training with simple means (here your motivation is required. I love the simple tools such as .B weights)
Electrotherapy (proven as a supportive adjunctive therapy and pain treatment)Ultrasound (good experience and evidence)
Ultrasound (good experience and evidence)
Neurological therapy (for Parkinson's, MS, stroke)
Examination and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders (relatively new forms of therapy, high effectiveness)
Taping (the classic for sports injuries e.B. ankle) today Kinesiotape
Compression therapy (as an important part of lymphology)Respiratory therapy (good proven method)